Thursday, April 3, 2014

What is "The Dietitian's Dish" all about?

So what's the deal with this blog?

If you are interested in . . . .

  • What is going on with UMD Dining Services, in relation to nutrition, allergies, menu changes or updates, ingredients, new menu items, new nutritious offerings, new allergen friendly offerings, etc., this blog is for you.
  • Information on health and nutrition services at UMD, such as workshops, contests and challenges, this blog is for you.
  • Receiving tips, tricks, and information on how to eat a healthy diet with a college lifestyle and budget, including tips for finding nutritious food on campus, this blog is for you.
  • Getting the latest and greatest on current health and nutrition topics, this blog is for you.
  • If you are a Bulldog, this blog is for you!
I also want to use this site as a forum for you to give me feedback on what I can do to better serve you in my position. Are you interested in a weight management group on campus? Let me know! Is there a group of you that would like to go on a grocery store tour to learn about healthy grocery shopping? Let me know! Have a suggestion for food offerings, send me a message! 

A Taste of What is to Come

A fresh take on Lake Superior water 

(as if it wasn't fresh enough)

Inline image 2
Fruit infused water at the Dining Center!
Brand new this week is fruit infused water in the Dining Center! It may not feel like spring outside but this delicious (& healthy) beverage will give you some hope the spring is around the corner. You can thank Executive Chef Tom Linderholm for this addition, and the Dining Center staff for keeping the water flowing.

Did you know Duluth won the Best Water in Minnesota? Yes, I whole-heartily agree.

Soda, sports drinks and even 100% juices are loaded with sugar that do not serve our bodies. Filling up on foods and beverages full of sugar could prevent you from eating other more nutritious foods, there by missing out on important vitamins and minerals. Check out the Mayo Clinic's take on added sugars.

Keeping yourself well hydrated with water allows your body to be at its best! Both physically and mentally. Make this simple, healthy swap at your next meal.

Cheers to great tasting water & better health.

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